Nikon Ergonomic Binocular Head

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This new Nikon ergonomic binocular microscope head fits into the dovetail of the existing microscope frame and is secured by the existing thumb screw.  This eyepiece tube employs adjustable interpupillary distance. This microscope head is fully ergonomic. It moves up and down and telescopes in and out. It is the perfect ergonomic choice for the multi-user laboratory environment.  This fits the following model Nikon microscopes: E200 E400, E600, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i and Ci series. This head accepts Nikon's photo ports for attaching a camera. The slide bar on the side allows for light to be adjusted to a camera for digital imaging. 

  • Fully Ergonomic Binocular Viewing Tube
  • Telescopes In and Out and Moves Up and Down
  • Interpupilary Distance Control
  • Requires 22mm FOV Nikon Eyepieces (Not Included)
  • Nikon Part # MBB93800
  • Nikon Catalog # CE-TE2
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty from Nikon

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