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The Nikon Ci-L Plus Microscope package is our most popular choice for pathologists. Nikon optics and mechanics are known for their high quality in the microscope industry. A fixed stage with no specimen holder is available for pathologists who manipulate the specimen with their hands. A scratch resistant mechanical stage is also available for Mohs and Cytopathologists.  The ergonomic head is fully adjustable, including telescoping in and out to adjust for comfort during those long sessions of reading slides. The variable LED illumination system provides crisp white light across the entire field of view for easy on the eyes viewing. Nikon has employed a programable LED illumination system that can save your brightness intensity for each objective lens. This is intended to increase work flow by not having to adjust the brightness when switching between objective powers. Purchasing agents love that Nikon typically comes in at a price point lower than Olympus and Leica.  We stock this microscope, so there are no delays in delivery as tends to be the case in the medical equipment field. We are also the authorized Nikon warranty center for this microscope package.

The basic package comes complete with the following Nikon components:

  • 2x Brightfield Plan Achromat Objective. (Apochromat Upgrade Available)
  • 4x Brightfield Plan Achromat Objective. (Fluorite or Apochromat Upgrade Available)
  • 10x Brightfield Plan Achromat Objective.  (Fluorite or Apochromat Upgrade Available)
  • 20x Brightfield Plan Achromat Objective . (Fluorite or Apochromat Upgrade Available)
  • 40x Brightfield Plan Achromat Objective.  (Fluorite or Apochromat Upgrade Available)
  • 10x Adjustable Eyepieces with a 22mm Field of View (Widefield Upgrade Available)
  • 6 Hole Nosepiece (7 Hole Nosepiece Available)
  • Variable LED Illumination System (Halogen Version Available)
  • Flip Condenser for 2x through 100x magnification viewing
  • Fully Ergonomic Telescoping and Adjustable Binocular Head (Trinocular Port for Camera Available)
  • Tension Focus Controls (Left or Right Side Configuration Available) 
  • Fixed Plain Stage for Hand Specimen Manipulation (Mechanical Stage Available) 
  • Dust Cover 
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The following modular Nikon Pathology components are available as upgrades:

*The above components are modular and will install on the Nikon E400, E600, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i, and Ci series microscope models.


We work with all established hospital procurement groups to get the best pricing available for their facility. We also work with Pathologists to provide them with the right microscope and components for their specific needs and budget. If you have any questions, please reach out to us using our contact us feature. 

1-800-330-7654 Ext 2


Nikon 5 Head Teaching Microscope for Pathology

Nikon 5 Headed Microscope for Pathology



Nikon 10 Headed Microscope for Pathology