Nikon Miller Disc for Microscopy

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This Nikon Miller disc installs into the reticle shelf of the Nikon eyepiece. This easy installation can be done by removing the eyepiece and backing off the knurled ring. The ring will hold this glass miller disc in place. This Miller disc is a square within a square with the smaller square in the corner.  This reticle is popular for hematology and blood bank manual reticulocyte counts. This is the newer style with the square in the center. 

This Miller Disc fits the following Nikon model microscopes: 

  • Nikon E100
  • Nikon E200
  • Nikon E400
  • Nikon E600
  • Nikon 50i
  • Nikon 55i
  • Nikon Ci
  • Nikon 80i
  • Nikon 90i
  • Nikon Inverted

This disc comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty against manufacturer's defects. 

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