Nikon Object Marker - Cell Dotter

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This new self inking Nikon Object Marker allows you to mark a region of interest on your microscope slide under your low power scanning objective. Rotating the object marker into the optical path, the user presses down on the knurled ring, and the specimen is left with a 1.8mm ink circle around the point of interest on the specimen's cover slip. The ink is erasable and available on our website for quick shipping.   


The MBW10020 object marker screws into the following makes and models of microscope without the need for an adapter. 

  • Accu-scope
  • Amscope
  • Labomed
  • Leica DM Series (Requires Adapter 11506028)
  • LW Scientific
  • Fisher 
  • Fisher EVOS
  • Meiji
  • Motic
  • Nikon E100
  • Nikon E200, E400/E600/E800, 50/55i 80/90i or Ci Series (Requires MXA20750 Adapter)
  • Olympus BX 
  • Olympus CX
  • Olympus IX
  • Omax
  • Parco
  • Premier 
  • Swift
  • Zeiss

*The object marker requires an adapter for the Nikon Eclipse series and Leica DM series microscopes and can be found at the  following links:

Nikon Adapter MXA20750  OR Leica Microscope Adapter 11506028

This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Object Marker Instructions

Please use our contact us feature to request a price quote or to address any questions you may have about this microscope product. We can help you determine if this object marker fits your microscope and if it will require an adapter. 


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