Nikon Eclipse 100 LED Microscope Review  - The Perfect Small Footprint Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse 100 LED Microscope Review - The Perfect Small Footprint Microscope

Today, we review the Nikon E100 LED Microscope from Nikon. This small footprint microscope comes preconfigured from Nikon for easy set up right out of the box. This microscope is a great fit for small veterinary clinics and colleges who prioritize high quality optics at an affordable price point.


Objective Lenses

Nikon has been making lenses for over 100 years and their quality control  is second to none. Nikon employs Chromatic-Aberration Free Infinity (CFI) optics to achieve high resolution and impeccable clarity. The E100 Microscope comes standard with BE Plan Achromat objectives which ensures flatness of field throughout the field of view. The Nikon E100 microscope comes with 4x, 10x, and 40x dry objectives. It also includes a high power 100x oil immersion objective mounted in its 4-hole nosepiece.  These optics blow away any of the Chinese microscopes that populate the internet.


The Nikon E100 microscope includes a pair of fully adjustable 10x eyepieces with an 18mm field of view. The ability to adjust both eyepieces allows for additional image sharpness and ensures parfocablility between the 10x and 40x objective lenses. There is a built in reticle shelf in the eyepiece for the addition of an eyepiece micrometer


Illumination System 

Nikon uses their patented fly eye lens in conjunction with a light emitting diode to provide a crisp white clear background for uniform specimen viewing. The low heat reduces eye strain and removes the need for color correction filters as found in older halogen models. The LED is variable which allows the end user to adjust the intensity of the light to their preferred comfort level. This will provide up to 60,000 hours of viewing without having to change a lamp. This patented illumination system is much easier on the eyes for the end user especially for those long specimen reading sessions.

Fly-eye lens



A built-in double-plate mechanical stage provides smooth XY dual travel control via a right hand stage drive. Nikon is known for some of the best and fluid microscope mechanics in the microscopy world. The large, flat surface facilitates easy specimen handling. The single specimen holder provides for easy release and smooth movement.

Coaxial coarse/fine focus knob

The coaxial coarse/fine focus knob and the stage handle are located equidistant from the operator, so comfortable operation in a natural posture is possible even during a prolonged period of observation. The torque of the coarse focus knob is adjustable. This ergonomic design is key for comfortable viewing.


Conventional models

Fungus-proof design

The Eclipse E100 is designed to prevent fungus forming on the objectives, eyepieces and tubes even in high-humidity environments.



This is our favorite small footprint microscope on the market. The high quality optics and mechanics as well as the support offered from the Nikon Instruments dealers puts this microscope at the top of our list for the sub $1500 microscope category. 

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