Nikon Object Marker Instructions

Nikon Object Marker Instructions

Downloadable instruction on how to use and where to buy the popular object marker and refill ink for microscopy. 

Nikon Object Marker Instructions


How to install the Object Marker – Cell Dotter

  1. Screw the object marker into the microscope’s revolving nosepiece. (Adapter may be required for certain Nikon and Leica model microscopes)
  2. Unscrew the protective cap from the object marker.
  3. Rotate the object marker into the optical path above the specimen’s region of interest you wish to mark.
  4. Mark the specimen by gently pulling down on the knurled ring.
  5. Return your low power scanning objective to the optical path over your specimen to confirm your marking is sufficient.
  6. You may use a piece of gauze or a soft dry cloth to remove the fresh ink circle. Dried ink may be removed using alcohol wipes. A cover slip is recommended for specimens.
  7. Install the cap back on the object marker when you are finished using the object marker to prevent drippage when not in use.

How to Refill The Marking Ink

  1. Remove the object marker from the nosepiece.
  2. Hold the Marker by the knurled ring and unscrew the plastic cap using a flathead screw driver or a coin. Insert the tool into the slot and turn counter clockwise.
  3. Install 2 or 3 drops of Nikon refill ink. Failure to use Nikon ink will void you warranty and cause the object marker to jam.
  4. Keep the object marker upright in order to let the ink reach the marker.


Best Practices

  1. Remove the object marker from the microscope and reinstall the metal cap for storage if you are not going to be using the marker on a regular basis. Store the marker in an upright position. This will protect the microscope as well as the marker.
  2. Only use ink from a reputable microscope dealer.


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