Nikon's college level microscope - The all new Ei series LED student microscope



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Nikon put their 100 plus years of experience to work in designing this small footprint, light weight, university level microscope. Nikon's high quality objectives and mechanics make for a solid microscope that will give your educational institution many years of great service. The Nikon model Ei microscope is a great fit for universities who want a high quality, long lasting, fully serviceable microscope for their students. We feel that that Nikon's college level microscope will be the best choice for universities and colleges as it checks all the boxes with regards to quality and construction. #bestmicroscopeforcolleges

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FAQs about the Nikon Ei Microscope.

What type of objectives come standard on the Nikon Ei Microscope? The Ei comes standard with Nikon BE2 plan achromat infinity objectives for superior flatness across the field of view.

What power magnification objectives come on the Nikon Ei Microscope? 4x, 10x, and 40x dry objectives come standard on the Ei. There is also a package that includes the 100x Oil Immersion available upon request.

What type of eyepieces are included on the Nikon Ei Microscope? Nikon 10x eyepieces with a 20mm field of view come on the model Ei. Both eyepieces are fully adjustable and will accept an eyepiece pointer and or eyepiece reticle.

What type of illumination system is included on the Nikon Ei Microscope? Nikon uses a an eco- friendly variable LED illumination system for low power consumption.

Is the stage right handed or left handed on the Nikon Ei Microscope? The standard package is comes with a right handed mechanical stage and single specimen holder with left clasp.

Is there a discount for educational institutions on the Nikon Ei Microscopes? Yes, most Nikon authorized representatives will provide you with discount when you request your quote.

Is there a built in cord wrap for easy storage of the Nikon Ei Microscope? Yes, this microscope is designed for easy storage. It has a light weight design with an integrated cord wrap.

Is the Nikon Ei a low voltage microscope for student safety? Yes, the microscope employs a 24 volt power source for safe operating standards.

Are the eyepieces tamper proof on the Nikon Ei Microscope? Yes, the Nikon Ei is designed to be tamper proof. The eyepieces and the viewing tube lock in place using a tamper proof fastener.

Can the head on the Nikon Ei be locked to the frame to keep it from falling off while in use and when we move it to our storage cabinet? Yes, Nikon took special care to add a feature that locks the viewing tube to the frame of the microscope while still allowing the head to rotate around into position for storage.

Is the Nikon Ei microscope available in trinocular if we want to connect a camera? Yes, the trinocular head includes the c mount and the relay lens with the trinocular package.

Will your company help us size the camera? Yes, we carry a full line of digital microscopy cameras. We have an on-staff microscope consultant who will help you with all of your microscope needs.

According to Nikon's website, there is an interactive feature with the Nikon Ei, how does that work? Each of the Nikon Ei microscopes comes with a scannable QR code. Your students can use their smart phones to scan the code and engage in online tutorials on microscopy directly from Nikon.

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