Pathology Upgrades for Nikon Microscopes

Nikon has released it's new version of the Ci-L microscope known as the Ci-L Plus in early 2022. The new model comes with a light intensity management system (LIM) to increase work flow and productivity by allowing the pathologist to set the light intensity for each objective power at the push of a button. This allows for switching between objectives without having to adjust the brightness each time. The LIM combines with Nikon's world class CFI optics, ergonomics, and mechanics to provide pathologists with a microscope to fit their specific needs.  We feel it's the best microscope for pathologists based on the combination of optical quality, ergonomics, and price point. 

Nikon Ci-L Plus Microscope Brochure

Nikon Ci Pathology Best Microscope

The following pathology upgrades are available for the Ci series as well as past Eclipse series models (E400, E600, 50i, 55i,  80i, 90i, Ni) Nikon microscopes are modular and the components listed below can be added with minimal effort. 

1) Nikon Plan Fluorite Objectives are available in the following magnifications: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x dry, 60x oil immersion and 100x Oil Immersion. 

Fluorite objectives use fluorspar and other synthetic glass compounds to correct for 2-3 spherical and chromatic aberrations. These objectives have a higher numerical aperture which allows for brighter images. Fluorite objectives also have higher resolving power and contrast which makes them a superior choice than plan achromat objectives especially when used in photo microscopy using white light (LED)

2) Nikon Plan Apochromat Objectives are available in the following magnifications: 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x dry objectives. Plan Apochromat objectives are available in oil immersion with 60x and 100x magnifications.  

Apochromat objectives are corrected for three colors (red green and blue) which practically eliminates all chromatic aberration.  These are the highest level of correction available in the clinical pathology field. These are a great choice for capturing images for publication.

Nikon Apochromat Objectives


3) Nikon Widefield Eyepieces are available in 10x/25mm field of view. The 25mm field of view increases the area that the pathologist can see by slightly more than 11%.  These adjustable eyepieces allow for par focalization as well as the sharpening of the image being viewed. The widefield eyepiece accepts our micrometer for measuring and counting. 

Nikon UltraWide Eyepiece

4) Nikon Face to Face Dual View Module comes complete with an LED joystick driven pointer (Orange and Green Arrow Options) and ac power supply. You have the option of a fixed or ergonomic head for the secondary viewer as well as 22mm or 25mm eyepieces. 

Nikon Face to Face Dual View Head

5) Nikon Side by Side Dual View Module comes complete with an LED joystick driven pointer (Orange and Green Arrow Options), support stand, and ac power supply. You have the option of a fixed or ergonomic head for the secondary viewer as well as 22mm or 25mm eyepieces. 

Nikon Side by Side Teaching Module


6) Nikon Pathology Stage - Fixed is available to replace Nikon's mechanical stage. This is the optimal choice for Pathologists who prefer to manipulate the specimen using their fingers instead of a specimen holder and mechanical stage. This plain stage is fixed so it does not move east to west or north and south. The stage moves up and down to obtain proper focus using the coarse/fine focus. 

Nikon Fixed Stage for Pathology

7) Our Eyepiece Micrometer is available and can install into your existing Nikon eyepiece or can be purchased installed in a new eyepiece for those who do not wish to have the measuring ruler in the field of view when the micrometer is not in use. 

Nikon Eyepiece Micrometer - Measuring Reticle


We have been helping pathologists in our home state of Florida chose the right microscope products since 1969. Feel free to reach out to us for any price quotes or information on pathology microscope products. We work with hospitals, clinics, and pathology practices and accept purchase orders from all established MDs. 


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